The New Normal Spoiler: "Powerful" Episode Will Tackle Boy Scout Controversy

The New Normal Spoiler: "Powerful" Episode Will Tackle Boy Scout Controversy

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The New Normal certainly doesn't shy away from covering complex and controversial topics during some of its half-hours, episodes in the past covering issues such as typical gay stereotypes and public breastfeeding. So will The New Normal be tackling any more complex and controversial issues?

Actually, one upcoming episode will center around the Boy Scouts, and while it won't exactly be one of the show's funniest half-hours, the cast and crew are promising it will be one of its most powerful.

"The latest topic the show's creators have crafted an episode around is the Boy Scouts, which is voting on whether or not to lift its ban on openly gay scouts or troop leaders."

Andrew Rannells, who plays Bryan, told Zap2It what we can expect from the Boy Scouts tribute episode.

"Justin [Bartha's] character [David], as a child, had been a Boy Scout," says Rannells. "He feels very strongly about it. Bryan was not a Boy Scout and he doesn't feel that he'd want his son involved in an organization like that. It's a really powerful episode. It's not super funny. It's very smart, very well-written episode about that topic."

Justin Bartha (David) shared a little bit about the episode, too.

..."It takes the controversy and the subject head-on. It's really a beautiful episode that I hope a lot of people see."

What do you think about The New Normal addressing this Boy Scout controversy?