The New Normal Season Finale Spoilers: Goldie Has the Baby!

The New Normal Season Finale Spoilers: Goldie Has the Baby!

The New Normal - Season 1

The New Normal creator, Ryan Murphy told Zap2It that they're building toward Bryan and David having their baby by the end of the season - and actor, Andrew Rannells (Bryan), confirms to E! Online that Georgia King's Goldie will in fact be giving birth to the new little one during the season finale.

...Andrew Rannells tells [E!] that they are filming the big season finale right now. "Without spoiling anything, there's a baby," he says. "Our surrogate gives birth. It's emotional to wrap up the season and I think we're visiting the places that we began with the show, and it does fell really emotional."

Ryan has also mentioned something else they're building toward - a wedding.

"We've been building towards David and Bryan getting married. And we're building towards a baby being born," says creator Ryan Murphy. "And we're building towards Georgia, her character deciding if she's going to get back together with Clay or continue on this independent path she's created."

But New Normal writer and co-creator, Ali Adler has an interesting clue for us.

"The marriage and the baby don't happen in the way you think they're going to, but it's so satisfying," adds co-creator Ali Adler.

How do you think this all will go down in the season finale, and how much do you think the group dynamic will change once Goldie has Bryan and David's baby?