NBC Cancels The New Normal! Show Ends at Season 1

NBC Cancels The New Normal! Show Ends at Season 1

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I've been fortunate enough so far in my time writing for Spoilers Guide to only have one of my shows canceled (10 Things I Hate About You, *cough-cough*) and one end graciously this year (Secret Life) - and since both are ABC Family shows, it does take the sting out of it just a wee bit, considering the smaller network is just now starting to be taken more seriously with series like Pretty Little Liars.

But it still hurts to have a show get canceled on you, and it certainly wasn't easy to hear that Ryan Murphy's The New Normal will not be returning for season 2 next fall.

NBC, continuing the purge of their comedy division, has canceled first-year series "The New Normal."


The show earned a full-season order in October, while it and "Go On" were benefiting from a strong lead-in via "The Voice," however ratings fell off when the singing competition took its winter break. The April season finale was written to serve as a potential series finale, ending with the birth of Bartha and Rannells' baby.

While I was thrilled to see Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells' characters have their baby boy (and their little mini wedding!) in the season series finale, I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of looking forward to seeing the characters grow through future seasons (especially the kids!).

Any fellow fans of The New Normal who are also sad to see the show go? (Will also take a moment to pay my comedy respects to Go On. While it wasn't amazing, I will so, so miss that ensemble cast.)

Source: Zap2It