The New Normal Episode 18 “Para-New Normal” Halloween Promotional Photo and Guide

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March 5, 2012

Update! NBC will be airing The New Normal‘s Halloween episode, “Para-New Normal” on Tuesday, March 5.

Check out the guide and promotional photo of The New Normal episode 18 entitled, “Para-New Normal” — airing on Oct. 30th, Tuesday on NBC.

  • Bryan (‘Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells) is getting into the Halloween spirit by doing what he does every year – decorating the house so that it is the envy of the neighborhood and making his annual trip to the pumpkin patch with his bestie Nicole Richie to spot celebrities.
  • Also, with the help of the ‘Sing’ make-up artist, Sam (guest-star George Takei), Bryan dictates what everyone’s costumes are going to be.
  • However, when he insists on a ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Halloween theme, David (Justin Bartha) rebels and defiantly sports a Tom Brady costume.
  • Meanwhile, Goldie (Georgia King) is still struggling with the on-going custody battle for Shania. Later, Clay (Jayson Blair) makes a shocking announcement that puts Jane (Ellen Barkin) over The Edge.

Source: NBC