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The New Normal Episode 10 "The XY Factor" Guide

Bryan and David accidentally uncover the sex of their baby...the problem? Well, they wanted it to be a surprise.

You can read the guide for episode 10 of The New Normal, "The XY Factor" right here:


  • Despite wanting to be surprised, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) accidentally find out the sex of their baby. The slip brings one dad-to-be closer to his dream family -- minus marrying Kelly Kapowski (guest star Shannen Doherty, “90210”) -- but creates a growing concern for the other that he won’t know how to connect with his child.
  • Elsewhere, a rousing performance by Shania (Bebe Wood) during a school assembly stirs Goldie (Georgia King), reminding her that she still has dreams that she needs to pursue.
  • Later, when Shania’s choice of material not only gets her a poor grade, but also a suspension, Goldie dons her “lawyer suit” and goes to the school to defend her daughter.

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