The Neighbors Season 2 Spoilers: A Shark Tank Crossover?

The Neighbors Season 2 Spoilers: A Shark Tank Crossover?


Simon Templeman (Larry Bird) spoiled to TVLine that we're not only getting a Smash mention in the upcoming season 2 of The Neighbors, but also a Shark Tank crossover. Sort of.

The Neighbors will make fast friends with their new Friday night neighbors, by way of “some kind of Shark Tank crossover,” Simon Templeman shares. As he points out, “Some of those guys on Shark Tank look a little odd to me – maybe they’re aliens too? I mean, look at Mark Cuban close up. There's a lot going on there.”

Simon also talked a little bit more about this Smash reference coming up in the show's season 2 premiere.

As for the previously reported dig at Smash, Templeman says it’s more of “an homage” in the wake of netting the ABC comedy netting its own Emmy nod for Original Music and Lyrics. “We know how hard that is to do that every week, so our hearts go out to them.”

Ah, so that explains it. What do you think, will it just be Larry and Jackie making these "Friday night" friends, or will they drag Marty and Debbie along for the ride as usual?