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The Neighbors Season 2 Episode 5 "Challoweenukah" Guide

The Neighbors Season 2 Episode 5 "Challoweenukah" Guide

First he goes all April Fool's in September, next thing you know he's merging holidays. Larry Bird needs to stop messing with the calendar, yo. Seriously though. Before he goes to jail.

You can read the guide for episode 5 of The Neighbors's season 2, "Challoweenukah" (airing Friday, October 18) right here.


  • When Larry hears the story of Chanukah, he becomes instantly enamored with the holiday and announces that he wants to combine his two favorite holidays – Halloween and Chanukah – to create “Challoweenukah.”
  • When no one shows up for the first seven nights of the new holiday, Larry decides to publicize it by giving out candy to kids at the local playground, getting him in trouble with the police.
  • Meanwhile, Marty and Debbie’s arch-nemesis couple challenges them to a family Halloween costume contest.
  • Guest starring are Kiersten Lyons as Billie Jean King, Alexander Chaplin as Tad, Lilli Birdsell as Larke.