The Neighbors Episode 5 “Halloween-Ween” Guide and Photos

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October 23, 2012

Here is the official guide and promotional photos of The Neighbors episode 5 “Halloween-ween” which airs on Oct. 24th, Wednesday on ABC.

  • Since arriving on Earth, the aliens – led by the Bird-Kersees – have viewed Halloween as a threat and have set up a barrier at the gates of Hidden Hills to prevent children dressed in costumes from entering the community.
  • The Weavers, on the other hand, are excited about their first Halloween in the suburbs and want to open the gates of the community to celebrate.
  • They do their best to explain the ritual of trick-or-treating to the aliens.
  • Meanwhile, Marty and Debbie’s fears are realized when Amber, Max and Abby reject their family costume plans.

Source: ABC