The Mob Doctor Spoilers: Michael Madsen Books a Recurring Role

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November 1, 2012

Michael Madsen is tapped by FX’s The Mob Doctor – TV Guide reports.

Madsen will play Russell King, a veteran criminal whose crimes require a certain flair and professional expertise. On the night of a big job, King has a flare-up of back pain and discovers he requires immediate surgery. We’re guessing The Mob Doctor herself, Jordana Spiro’s Grace Devlin, will be called on to help.

Madsen will appear on the current season’s ninth episode.

‘The Mob Doctor’ airs Friday, 9pm on FX.

  • WadeWWilson87

    Well, Madsen is cool, but I don’t
    see what The Mob Doctor is trying to salvage. A friend that works with me at
    DISH thinks that FOX doesn’t have anything to replace the show with—that’s kind
    of sad, if it’s the strongest reason that the show is sticking around. I gave The
    Mob Doctor a chance, but I don’t think Spiro fit the part. Thankfully I didn’t
    have to go out of my way to watch the show; it auto-records to my DISH Hopper with
    the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I’ve saved a lot of hassle, not having to set
    any timers for the big 4 networks’ primetime. Cheers to the slowly but surely
    sinking ship that is The Mob Doctor.