The Mob Doctor Episode 9 “Fluid Dynamics” Promo

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November 27, 2012

Here is the promo for The Mob Doctor episode 9 “Fluid Dynamics” with guest star Michael Madsen, airing next week on FOX.

  • Jendys11

    Love this show!

  • Jarren

    At least Michael Madsen will swing by the show before it
    comes to an end. I like Spiro, and I know most of my friends that work with me
    at DISH do too, but we all think that the supporting cast is lacking the experience
    the show needed. This episode looks good, so I’m remaining optimistic about the
    remaining episodes. I’m even saving this entire season to my DISH Hopper, just
    in case I miss the show once it’s over. With a 2TB hard drive, I’m able to save
    every show that I’m even remotely interested in. It sucks to have to pick and
    choose shows; especially with how many new series start up ever TV season.