The Mindy Project Spoilers: Actor Chris Messina Speaks About Danny’s Love and Hate Romance With Mindy

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October 3, 2012

Chris Messina was interviewed by Wetpaint where they talked about his new FOX sitcom, ‘The Mindy Project’ starring Mindy Kaling. The chat explored the possibilities of Messina’s cranky character Danny towards his hopeless-romantic colleague, Mindy. Of course, we all know that one way or another, (if the sitcom gets picks up for another installment) the two will eventually get it “on”. But first, let’s find out what the actor commented about Danny’s impending hook-up with Mindy!

The inevitable romance between Danny and Mindy.

We have a love-hate kind of thing but I don’t know, I don’t know where it’s going to go but it’s definitely got that kind of Moonlighting vibe.

Things that Danny and Mindy love to hate about each other

They’re so different. I think they’re both great doctors, but the way she handles her social life and sort of brings her social life into the office is kind of annoying to Danny. And Danny can be kind of rigid and has a certain old-school discipline that she doesn’t have that’s probably really annoying to her.