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The Mindy Project Finale Spoilers: Another Breaking Bad Star Guest Starring?

Breathe, TMP fandom! This spoiler we just learned sounds pretty exciting!

E! Online has dropped a hint that another Breaking Bad star is guest starring in the finale! According to the scoop, "There is a surprise appearance by a co-star of a recent guest star from a hit AMC series."

In case you might have missed, actress Anna Gunn (yes, a Breaking Bad star from AMC!) made a guest appearance a few weeks back as a celebrity doctor. So if you're smart, you might wanna take that little clue as a good sign!

Which Breaking Bad actor do you wish to see on the May 6th finale? Hit the comments!


You will see Danny in his boxers. Mindy will cut her hair again (but there's a twist). Bradley Cooper's feelings will probably be hurt if he watches the episode. There's an epic music cue featuring a Bruce Springsteen song.