The Mindy Project Spoilers: Mindy's New BF Hates 'Breaking Bad'!

The Mindy Project Spoilers: Mindy's New BF Hates 'Breaking Bad'!

jason mindyE! Online has spilled the beans on Mindy's soon to be boyfie on The Mindy Project's upcoming season 2 episode!

As spoiled earlier, Mad Men's Ben Feldman will appear as the aforementioned new BF. He will play Jason, a 'snobbish arts and culture writer'.

In an update from the site, we learned that Jason is a hater of the wrong show! Why the wrong show, you ask? Well, who in his right mind would hate Breaking Bad? Seriously?!

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Another day, another new love interest for Mindy. Only this time, her relationship gets her in serious trouble. Mindy's new boyfriend happens to look a little on the young side, which wouldn't be a problem except when they kiss on a playground, a police officer actually believes that Mindy is harassing a child. Probably not the best way to start off your new relationship. The new BF in question? Ben Feldman's character Jason, who is an Arts & Culture writer and a Breaking Bad hater.

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'The Mindy Project' season 2 bows Tuesday, Sept. 17 on FOX.