The Mindy Project Spoilers: Is Dr. Schulman Gone For Good?

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December 6, 2012

To the fans who wondered why Dr. Schulman made such a sudden retirement exit on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, the answer is because the show has decided to write his character off.

According to reports, this is due to Fox comedy’s midseason retooling which also includes Shawna’s exit. Ditto Anna Camp’s character bump as a recurring instead of a regular cast.

In a chat with Hitflix, the on-screen Dr. Schulamn who head the practice of Dr. Lahiri, Stephen Tobolowsky admits that his role did not fared as expected and it became less and less funny. He adds “I suspect I was a casualty of a show meeting many different demands from different sources. The Mindy Project team is “very talented” and “I certainly hope I didn’t stink up the joint.”

Are you sad about Dr. Schulamn’s exit?