The Mindy Project Spoilers: Danny and Mindy Makes A Pact!

The Mindy Project Spoilers: Danny and Mindy Makes A Pact!

What do you think of the idea of Danny and Mindy totally hooked-up on each other years from now? Well, I don't know about you guys but it definitely sounds like a major train wreck. Although romantically speaking, I think it can work. Afterall, Mindy and Danny seem to compliment each other. The hopeless-romantic meets the dark-around-the-edges kinda guy, sounds quite the love story right?

Now you must be wondering where am I leading from this Danny-Mindy theories. In an exclusive from Zap2it, I wanted to share that Dr. L and Dr. Castellano will be making one of those "If I am still single.." pact on their upcoming Christmas Party. This happens when a Josh-related predicament comes in the way. Now what? Is Mindy getting her heart beat up once again during the holidays? Keep reading for the full details below!

Mindy hosts the office Christmas party at her apartment to introduce Josh to her colleagues. But when a relationship-related crisis breaks out, it's Danny who comes to Mindy's rescue. They'll even make one of those "if we're both single in five years" pacts. Just... not quite the way you'd expect them to. (Also, look out for a fun little line that references Kelly and Erin's friendship on "The Office," when Ellie Kemper guest stars.)

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