The Mindy Project Season 2 Spoilers: Showrunner Dished on Mindy's Impromptu Wedding and One of "The Most Offensive Scenes They Ever Shot"!

The Mindy Project Season 2 Spoilers: Showrunner Dished on Mindy's Impromptu Wedding and One of "The Most Offensive Scenes They Ever Shot"!

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The Mindy Project is blaring with much-wanted season 2 spoilers. After getting swooned over by the news of James Franco's guest starring stint, here comes another major scoop Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Pastor Casey (Anders Holm) fans should definitely look forward to.

As we can remember during the show's epic season finale, Mindy went the extra mile (literally) to prove her feelings with Casey as they both embarked on a benevolent trip to Haiti.

And just as we thought that the trip totally spelled as a completely massive disaster for Dr. L., we're apparently wrong (atleast for now).

Here goes the spoilers..

During the TCA press tour, reporters have learned from executive producer Matt Warburton that Mindy is throwing a slapdash wedding with Pastor Casey on the season 2 premiere.

"It's the premiere, and Mindy comes back from Haiti with some big news," executive producer Matt Warburton said. "Basically in this one episode, we're trying to have a big move between Mindy and Casey. We didn't want to start the season, 'Oh, we're back from Haiti and that [Casey] guy is gone.' In the first set of episodes, we're really playing through this relationship further and seeing where this goes."

Sadly, as evidenced by the apartment decor, the wedding will not take place in a place of worship for Casey or even, say, a Vegas chapel for Mindy. "It's a rush job, so everyone's pitching in," Warburton confirmed. "They have to leave Tamara (Xosha Roquemore) on cake duty. Everyone's helping decorating to make it a good experience. But it's already weird to have a wedding where it's mainly your work friends at it, and that might become an issue.

"Everybody is sort of thrilled for her," he continued. "The nice thing is when we cast Anders, everyone loves that character so much, and the characters love him so much. In addition to being a good guy, he's a big weirdo. People are just happy for the two."

Meanwhile, the EP also dished about something unprecedented his crew had to go through. And that is no other than "the most offensive scene" they ever shot. But duh, it's a wedding! What wedding stuff could involve such? Well, brace yourselves because it's... THE CAKE!

The cake resembles a rocket with red velvet waffle cones as the thrusters, but Kaling sets the record straight on the real shape of the cake. "We have a wedding in this apartment, an impromptu wedding, and because it's impromptu they can only get a cake from the exotic cake store -- a cake that looks like a penis or a cake that looks like a Torah. And Mindy's like, 'We'll take the penis cake.' It's one of the most offensive scenes we ever shot. She goes, 'Ugh, gross, I'll take the penis cake.'"

Sadly, there's bad news for Mindy/Casey shippers out there. We learned that there isn't going to be a "Mindy/Casey forever" arc throughout the show. Read what the players of the FOX comedy had to say below:

"Mindy gets to be single again pretty soon," Kaling told reporters. "Sorry, Anders," Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan, said. "I don't die though," Holm quipped.

But that won't be the last of the fly minister. "What I hope we promise and deliver to the audience is even when people are gone, they're not gone forever," Warburton said. "Like Mindy had a big breakup with Josh, but we've already brought him back and we're going to bring him back again. If Anders is gone, we'll definitely see him again."

Source: TV Guide

The Mindy Project returns on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.