The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 20 “An Officer and a Gynecologist” Spoilers

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February 5, 2014

25mindy1You’re not alone, I share the same yearning for more Mindy and Danny. (BTW, did you love that cliffhanger?, let’s chat about it below!)

Anywho, as we count down the days until The Mindy Project returns from hiatus, TV Line has offered a bunch of spoilers abound in an upcoming installment — where we’ll be meeting two new characters. Read on for the latest:

In Episode 20, “An Officer and a Gynecologist,” Mindy gets herself an accidental roommate — Jenny, a 19-year-old patient whose overprotective police-officer dad does not take kindly to her filling a prescription for birth-control pills.

Cue Jenny crashing at Mindy’s. Cue the teenager throwing “moderately wild parties” at said bachelorette pad. And cue our titular doctor putting in a call to the cops to set things straight.

In the same installment, Danny will rescue an Orthodox rabbi’s hat from some teenage punks — and wind up getting invited over for a home-cooked meal with the family. The yet-to-be-cast Herbert Zuckerman, a happily married man in his 60s, will realize Danny isn’t the “nice Jewish doctor” he’d assumed — at least after Danny brings along Peter as his “half-Jewish consigliere.” Oy vey!

The Mindy Project returns on Tuesday, April 1st on FOX.