The Mindy Project Roundup: The LOL Moments and Pumped Up Romance We Can't Wait To See

The Mindy Project Roundup: The LOL Moments and Pumped Up Romance We Can't Wait To See

The Mindy Project season 2 doesn't resume until April, and we totally understand how boring life is without a weekly dose of Mindy and Morgan's zaniness.first

To get you through another month of waiting, Spoilers Guide gladly offers this limited edition, spoiler roundup abound on the second half of the FOX comedy:

1. An awkward dinner awaits Danny and Peter..

Danny will rescue an Orthodox rabbi’s hat from some teenage punks — and wind up getting invited over for a home-cooked meal with the family.

The yet-to-be-cast Herbert Zuckerman, a happily married man in his 60s, will realize Danny isn’t the “nice Jewish doctor” he’d assumed — at least after Danny brings along Peter as his “half-Jewish consigliere.” We meet him in episode 20 titled "An Officer and a Gynecologist". (via TV Line)

2. Mindy takes one of her patients as her new roomie.

Also abound in episode 20, expect for Dr. L to be hanging out with one of her teenage patients named, Jenny. Apparently, the 19-year-old patient has an overprotective police-officer dad who hasn't been very happy after she fills-up a prescription for birth control pills.

The fallout? Mindy calls the cops to set things straight after Jenny's string of wild parties at her condo.

3. Two words: Sex.Tape.

Who among Mindy, Peter, Danny, Beverly or Morgan do you think gets involved? Honestly, at this point I could care less. It doesn't really matter who, this subject is already too juicy for me to even build some conjectures.tumblr_mylk41OyE51qen41vo3_250

To whet your appetite some more, hold on to this: One of the characters mentioned above garners a "little too much attention after their sex tape with an ex gets released." (via E! Online)

For argument's sake, I'm betting on Beverly, the firm's eccentric, raunchy nurse-turned-assistant. Why? Because I know her too well. She's way too careless to handle herself, let alone a (probably) vindictive ex. Oh wait, I forgot, Mindy's a little reckless too. Now, I'm just torn.

4. Old and new romance to arrive

Cristina is not the only woman from Danny's past. The angriest woman, maybe. After unleashing all her rage for Danny via a naked art exhibit and breaking his laptop, I'm hoping that enough is enough. I still think that the latter was one hell of a cathartic move, I wish I was that audacious.xtina

Later this season, we get to meet another one from Danny's book of romantic adventures. This new gal's name is Brooke, a traveling pharmaceutical rep. She will be played by Channing Tatum's wifey, Jenna Dewan Tatum. (via EW)

As for the new romance, we're thrilled to share with you that Peter is getting a new love interest. This time, it will not be the same stalker-obsessed type kind of love (read: Maria Menounos), this new woman for Peter is for keeps.maria-santa-baby-480x360

Prepare to meet Lauren, a single mother and a surgeon. They're meet cute? At a British game night party!

From what we've learned, they’re the only two Americans at the said event where they agree to go out to dinner. (via TV Line)

Will they hit it off? We certainly hope so!

5. The season 2 finale is titled "Danny and Mindy". 

The midseason finale made us squeal when Danny finally kisses Mindy while on a plane ride to NYC. That was their very first romantic moment after months of a love/hate relationship.


Was it a satisfying sweet gesture? Yes. Did it make you pinch yourself thinking that it should've been you instead? Maybe.

But analyzing Danny's "I think I'm falling for you, kiss" under the pragmatism of rom-coms, we can't help but ask: Will it work? If so, for how long?

We don't know the answer to that (yet) but given the relatively obvious title of the finale, maybe we could give these two new love birds the benefit of a doubt. Mindy only switches boyfriends in a span of 3-6 months anyway. For Casey, her ex-fiancee, a year and a half, tops. So what the heck?

BONUS SCOOP | Other upcoming guest stars

Per E! Online, New Girl's Max Greenfield will play Lee, a hot player at a bar who is up to no good. His episode is tentatively scheduled to air in April 22.

Private Practice alum Tim Daly has also booked a guest spot. Details are still scarce, please stay tuned for updates. (via Twitter)


That's all we have for now, thank you for reading up to the end! Don't forget to stop by in the comments for your thoughts.

The Mindy Project returns Tuesday, April 1 on FOX.