The Mindy Project Episode 9 “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party” Photos

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November 20, 2012

Check out the official promotional photos of The Mindy Project episode 9 “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party”. This episode airs on Tuesday, Dec. 11 on FX.

Source: FX

  • WadeWWilson87

    The photos make the episode look to
    be another good one. I love holiday episodes, and a few DISH coworkers and I have
    always enjoyed Christmas moments from The Office too, so I’m sure we’ll
    appreciate Kaling’s new role and scenery just the same. I get really nostalgic
    waiting from week to week, so I”ve been saving this entire season to my DISH
    Hopper for any moment I need to battle that nostalgia. It’s been nice to have a
    2TB hard drive to keep my DVR life running the best it ever has; I live for my
    sweatpants and DVR moments. Cheers to shows and holidays.