The Mindy Project Episode 4 “Halloween” Guide and Photos

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October 22, 2012

Here are the official guide and promotional photos of The Mindy Project episode 4 “Halloween” which airs on Tuesday, Oct. 30th on FOX.

  • When Josh (guest star Tommy Dewey) invites Mindy (Mindy Kaling) to a Halloween party, Mindy stresses out about finding the perfect costume to impress him.
  • Meanwhile, Danny (Chris Messina) and Jeremy (Ed Weeks) leave work early to finally take their driver’s license tests, much to Danny’s embarrassment.

Source: FOX via Spoiler TV

  • JJGoode

    I love Halloween episodes of shows; they always amaze me,
    and I usually get to see costumes that I wish I would’ve thought of. I’ve
    really enjoyed The Mindy Project so far, and I’ve even convinced a few buddies that
    work with me at DISH to watch it on their Hoppers. I’m actually saving every
    show’s Halloween episode into a custom folder on my Hopper, so that I can have
    a Halloween marathon while eating all of my kids’ candy. Cheers to DVRs and