The Mentalist Spoilers: Showrunner Teases What's Next after [SPOILER]'s Death

partridgeSeries creator Bruno Heller previewed the next events The Mentalist has in-store for viewers after a character who is part of the Red John suspects was killed off.

(RIP Partridge)

Now that Patrick Jane's list is cut down by one, should we expect for more deaths among the suspects? Here's what he told Entertainment Weekly:

Yeah, you can expect more deaths of suspects; I think I can say that without giving too much away. It’s not a Seven Little Indians thing, where one drops dead every week. But part of Red John’s plan involves bad intentions toward the other suspects on that list. It’s not a good list to be on.

On next Sunday's episode "Black-Winged Redbird", here's what Heller promised to reveal:

That story continues. I’ll tell you, one of the outstanding questions for Jane leftover from last season is how the hell did Red John get into his head and know about that young woman who died who was a child in Jane’s childhood. How did he do that? That question is going to be answered. But at the same time, every week we’re still telling a closed whodunit story which is solved every week. So it’s as much that story as the other story.

Hit the play button for the extended promo of next week's episode: