The Mentalist Spoilers: Series Boss Teases "Expect the Unexpected!"

redjohnPatrick Jane's final showdown with Red John is about to come to a close. And it took six years of waiting until one of TV's most-awaited hour unspool before us.

The Mentalist' Nov. 24th installment aptly titled "Red John" is probably going to send our hearts thumping right off the bat. Our senses will badly anticipate the face-to-face salvo of Patrick Jane's fury with the nefarious serial killer.

We have waited so long and had invested too much on this show's biggest mystery, I'm sure it's only fair to ask -- "Will it be satisfying?". Sure, this is not Breaking Bad (aka the best series ever) but since the show's catalyst is to capture Jane's lifelong enemy, I might as well hope that the writers have crafted an ending worthy of the viewers' six year-investment.

On that note, E! Online has allowed the front liners of the CBS drama speak for the buzzy episode. Check out what creator Bruno Heller and Jane's portrayer Simon Baker have to say:

Expect the unexpected. Executive producer Bruno Heller says, "I would say after what happened in the previous episode, if you think you know what's happening and you know where it's going, you're wrong."

Simon Baker quickly adds, "I wouldn't necessarily say you may be wrong because that might give it away completely!" as for the series post-"Red John," you can expect Patrick and Lisbon's bond to be "even stronger," Baker teases.

Watch a sneak peek of "Red John" below: