The Mentalist Spoilers: Preview on the 100th Episode, The Cast Reveals!

The Mentalist Spoilers: Preview on the 100th Episode, The Cast Reveals!

The Mentalist is airing its 100th episode this Sunday (Oct. 28) on CBS where the CBI team flashes 8 years back from their present season 5 setting. The cast revealed in an interview their preparations in making this special episode where it focuses mainly on Patrick Jane's disposition after the tragic event in his life happened -- when infamous serial killer Red John killed his family.

Check out the burning spoilers we grabbed below!

Showrunner Bruno Heller summarizes the Patrick Jane-centric episode --

"We started out the series in the past, showing how Jane's scheming and manipulation as a fake psychic led directly to the loss of his family, then we jumped ahead to find him on the job with the CBI — now we'll reveal what happened in the year in between," says Heller. "This Jane is fresh out of the insane asylum. He's shucked off his straitjacket and comes directly to the CBI offices to find out what the hell is going on in the search for Red John."

Lead actor Simon Baker teased Patrick Jane as a "homeless dog" --

"Jane is very much the rescue dog — homeless, shattered, looking for a place to be and perfectly willing to tag along," says Baker during a break in filming. "For the first time, the audience will see him not in control of what he's doing. The last thing he wants to do is go back to being a con man because that's what got him in all this trouble to begin with."

Major and minor changes inside the CBI office will also be prominent in the episode --

The CBI office also went through a retro make-over on the episode with touches both major (the place looks pretty dumpy) and minor (Arnold Schwarzenegger's photo is back on the wall, since he was governor). Gregory Itzin makes a return appearance as CBI boss Virgil Minelli, who retired in Season 2. And while there are early hints of the fan-fave bromance that will develop between Rigsby and Agent Cho (Tim Kang), don't go looking for Agent Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti). She hadn't yet joined the CBI team. In fact, Jane gets punched in the nose by her hot-headed predecessor, Agent Hannigan (Gary Basaraba), which creates the job opening Van Pelt will eventually fill.

Source: TV Guide