The Mentalist Spoilers: Owain Yeoman Teased The Hunt for Red John — ‘We’ll come within inches of Red John’ (Q&A)

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November 7, 2012

The Mentalist star Owain Yeoman sat down with Digital Spy recently for an interview about the veteran CBS drama starring Simon Baker as Patrick Jane.

Currently on its fifth season, the show’s focal objective to capture the infamous Red John gave the series an edge to pull viewers tune-in week after week. But like most serial killers, there’s gotta be a point where the chase leads to something. On this interview, the actor who plays the role of Wayne Rigsby has a lot to tease about what’s coming up this season.

You’ve asked and so do we, “How close is Patrick Jane to finally identifying Red John?”

Here are the season 5 spoilers we grabbed from the Q&A:

  • Executive producer Bruno Heller promises that the CBI team will get inches away from Red John.
  • Old characters are also bound to recur says Yeoman, here’s what he teased about them:

Emmanuelle Chriqui coming back playing Lorelei this season, which I think was a wonderful injection of life last season. It’s really interesting to see the dynamic between her and Jane, and we’ve got William Forsythe coming back and Summer (Samaire Armstrong), Cho’s prostitute girlfriend, is making a return. We’ve also got Virgil Minnelli (Gregory Itzin) coming back…

  • Patrick Jane’s daughter to appear?

“It’s a season full of old faces and we actually will get to see Jane’s daughter, but I can’t say in what context. It’s a season that really explains where Jane came from and his journey to the CBI.


‘The Mentalist’ airs every Sunday on CBS.