The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers: One of “Red John Suspects” Will Be Cut Out By Premiere’s End

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July 26, 2013


As we know on The Mentalist, it’s all about “Red John”.

Now headed towards the sixth season, showrunner Bruno Heller has teased a piece of intel that is crucial to Jane’s hunt in capturing the evasive serial killer.

Heller cited the list of suspects who could’ve been Red John all along, it includes:

  1. *Gale Bertram
  2. *Ray Haffner
  3. *Bob Kirkland
  4. *Sheriff Thomas McAllister
  5. *Brett Partridge
  6. *Reede Smith
  7. *Bret Stiles

The spoiler: “by the end of the premiere episode, there may be one less suspect” in the hunt for Red John.

Source: TV Line

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