Patrick Jane's Hunt For Red John Continues in Mentalist Season 5!

Patrick Jane's Hunt For Red John Continues in Mentalist Season 5!

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose".

This was a line pointed out by a fan of The Mentalist in as the perfect way to describe Simon Baker's character Patrick Jane on the CBS hit drama. On The Mentalist season 5, on what length do you think Jane would utilize this immeasurable freewill?

The Aussie actor plays the role of a fictional CBI agent which after the cold-blooded murder of his wife and daughter, seeks revenge for the serial killer responsible named Red John. The series which is now on its fourth season, has now been officially renewed by its home-network, CBS. The official announcement was made last March 14, 2012.

The Mentalist has been a certified hit for CBS since season one which aired four years ago in September 2008. The pilot mesmerized the audience with a total of 15.6 million viewers. Furthermore, On December 2008, The Los Angeles Times gave the show credit for leveling with the opposing network's another top-ranker, ABC's Desperate Housewives -- "The Mentalist" is the first new series to hit No. 1 since ABC's "Desperate Housewives" reached that mark four seasons back, in May 2005."

The title holder of the show, Simon Baker, on the other hand is also making some pretty good investments for himself. On 2010, after reportedly signing a $30 million deal to extend his time on The Mentalist, Baker landed the first place of TV's top salary list. In addition to that, it has also been reported that Baker was pocketing $250,000 per episode before the contract extension. (source: Star Pulse)

What a fun way to earn some living, don't you think?

Going back to the show, however, we have some season 5 scoop that you definitely wouldn't want to miss! Spoiler TV teases that the protagonist of the show, Patrick Jane, apparently will be looking into a new love-interest this fall. On March 23,  they announced, "Casting is already underway for Season 5 of The Mentalist. They are casting a new recurring female role who will be a potential love interest for Patrick Jane called Loralei."

That's all we've rounded-up for now. Stay tuned for more updates about The Mentalist season 5. Also, don't forget to watch the fourth season finale on May 17 entitled "Crimson Hat", only on CBS. For more spoilers check out the extended season 4 finale promo.