The Killing Season 3 Spoilers: Cast & Creator Previews Missing Teen's "Very Dark, Oliver Twist" Story

The Killing Season 3 Spoilers: Cast & Creator Previews Missing Teen's "Very Dark, <i>Oliver Twist</i>" Story

130531mag-TheKilling1_300x206The Killing is finally resurrected from the grave after thoughtful considerations from concerned TV bosses.  The AMC murder mystery series will bow its third season this Sunday, June 2.

To give you an early tease about what's ahead this season, TV Guide spoke to the show's cast and executive producer. From there, they discussed the storylines and upcoming cases fans have awaited during the hiatus period. Keep reading for the spoilers!

Season 3 opens a year after the emotionally exhausted Det. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) quit Seattle's homicide unit.

"Sarah spent that time trying to get healthy and lead a quiet life. She lost custody of her son, but her job on a Puget Sound ferry crew is un­demand­ing. She's happy. She has a boyfriend. A return to the police force would be problematic," Mireille Enos shared.

The Case: A 14-year-old homeless girl has been murdered with the same grisly M.O. employed by convicted wife killer Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard).

  • It's the case that sent Sarah down the rabbit hole.
  • Her character is still haunted by visions of Seward's small son sitting by his mother's corpse.
  • After another bloody discovery suggests there's a serial killer at large,Sarah goes back to the homicide division — temporarily.

Three cops in one case: Sarah must work with Holder and new character Carl Reddick (Scandal's Gregg Henry), a cynical veteran cop.

"It becomes a funny triangle. But Sarah and Holder have a wonderful relationship, and the way they support each other runs very deep."

Can Seward escape death? EP previews and shares writing inspiration:

  • The clock is ticking to save the possibly innocent Seward from his imminent execution as the detectives search for the monster who is slicing up runaways who have been forced into prostitution.

"by Mary Ellen Mark's amazing photos of ­Seattle street kids in the '80s. It's shocking how many kids are still in that subculture today." She also cites the investigation into Washington state's Green River Killer, a case that took 20 years to solve. Holder and Linden have less than a month."

Missing Teen's BIO:

  • This season's missing teen is ­Kallie Leeds (Cate Sproul). The story focuses on her tight-knit group of homeless friends, particularly the scrappy Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus), who tries to find Kallie while also keeping Lyric (Julia Sarah Stone), the girl she loves, safe.

"It's a very dark, Oliver Twist [type] story," Enos says.

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