Top 10 Unforgettable Moments From The Good Wife Season 4

Top 10 Unforgettable Moments From <em>The Good Wife Season 4</em>

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The Good Wife wrapped-up its fourth season finale with a huge, didn't-see-that-coming kind of twist. Frankly, I'm still in deep shock of what hit me after seeing the episode. But before we discuss the smashing season-ender, I've made a list of 'The Top Ten Unforgettable Moments' the legal drama has offered during its fourth season run.

Buckle up and let the countdown begin!

1) Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Savarese!121007good-wife1_300x206

Every show has its own downfall, and perhaps on The Good Wife's long record of plausible arcs, this storyline proved to be the deal-breaker. As far as Kalinda's enigmatic personality, the writing of Nick's character was just simply out of the show's boundaries. The audacity of the entire domestic violence entangled with sexual dominance have gone ridiculously offbeat.

Frankly, I was looking forward to this amidst hiatus period. I was kind of expecting that it will be just as awesome as the other zany, complex relationships played throughout the show. Clearly, I find myself reeling from that colossal disappointment.

2) Alicia's search engine history educates her about condoms.The Good Wife Chum Hum Search

Mrs. Florrick is an embodiment of a woman of poise and superb decency in the face of all chaos. But does her children, Zach and Grace display the same defining character?

Our level of intrigue was heightened when Alicia used her desktop computer at home and finds insinuating information about her two teenager kids. When the search engine suggests a previously entered item that reads "what are the type of condoms", Alicia's supermom alter-ego immediately strikes, pushing her to 'interrogate' Zach and Grace. Hmmm, this definitely called for a bunch of speculations.

Before the episode ended, we were astounded by the truth which was found out by Zach. Neither of the Florrick kids should be put on a 2-week no TV and computer punishment; shockingly, it was Peter's mother Jackie. Love that unexpected surprise!

3) Your Crazy and Genius Highness, Elsbeth Tascioni.The Good Wife Elsbeth Tascioni Jail

Word? Hell Yea! Apart from her uber red hair, Elsbeth gives the legal drama a veritable edge among others. In episode "Je Ne Sais What?", Carrie Preston returned as Atty. Tascioni when she needed help from Alicia after being arrested  and incarcerated!

Her work on Eli Gold's bribing case has also been a praiseworthy episode, in which she defended Eli against Kyle Maclachlan's deceptive character, Josh.

Indubitably, we want more from Elsbeth!


4) Laura Hellinger's suspended romance with Will Gardner103005_0322_318b

Amanda Peet's portrayal of rape victim Laura has been given more meat by the showrunners. Not only did she join Peter's band of prosecutors, she also made a romantic connection with Will. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle that came along with their job impeded them both from actually hitting it off.

And although Alicia had made it crystal clear that there is nothing going on between him and Will, Laura knows that she's not falling for that -- she knows better. So congrats Alicia, you just shove Will Gardner's genuine affection for you straight into Laura's face! You simply rock.


5) Is Kalinda worth every penny from Lockhart Gardner?


OHHHH Kalinda, what has happened to you? You just sent your husband to god-knows-where and now all you can care about are Benjamins? I get that you are a badass investigator, but you should seriously take it down a notch with all that ridiculous bargaining about your pay. It has become too much to bear, woman.


6) Go Team Cary and Alicia!

Red Team/Blue Team

In "Red Team Blue Team", one of the critically acclaimed episodes of the show, we were astounded by Cary and Alicia's performance on their mock trial against Will and Dianne. During the episode, Alicia and Cary tried to prosecute an energy drink company who was allegedly responsible for the death of a teenager. The episode was just as intense as the mock trial which went smoothly, at first, for both teams. But when things between Alicia and the partners hit a snag, the mock trial became all too personal.

Alicia learned that the initial partnership offer was to be pushed-back. Thus making her enraged and felt used. I've always admired Julianna Margulies acting on this series, but this episode definitely made me love her ten times more.

Team Gardner Kiss - Red Team Blue Team The Good Wife7) The Grouchy Make-up Kiss

One other unforgettable moment in "Red Team Blue Team", was Alicia and Will's confrontation about the postponed offer. That scene opened a lot of windows on the viewers' part, which is kind of exciting. The anticipation of "Oh no, will they or will they not?".

But before we can even muster our thoughts, the two former lovers sealed their heated argument with a kiss that made us weak at the knees.

8) John Noble's guest starring stint as a dead, opulent client was awesome


The Fringe actor's onscreen dynamic with Juliana Margulies on "Death of a Client" was excellent. Their flashbacks scene, which was played back with a string of classical music, upped the ante of the legal drama.

Better watch out, USA Network's Suits!



9) Cary's backstabbing gig against Lockhart & Gardner

The Good Wife - Cary and Alicia New Firm

The biggest proverbial crap is about to hit the fan, people. Cary's amazing manifestation of being the cool guy who was once offered partnership will finally rear its ugly head -- in season 5! (hiatus period sucks, don't they?)

I, for one think that Cary is one of the winning character during the entire fourth season. Just imagine building a big-time mutiny behind your bosses' rear! I mean, that's just plain badass.

10) The biggest The Good Wife twist, ever.

The Good Wife - Alicia I'm In

And so it happened. They always happen through a single knock on the door, don't they? You know what I'm talking about -- The ever galling anticipation we've seen in the finale, a scene laid out with a hybrid of wine drinking and laundry folding. Classic!

In order to give justice to her titular role as The Good Wife, Alicia is sticking with Peter. She may have not chosen to be with Will, I'm not exactly dissatisfied. Imagining them both in season 5 as firm rivals definitely calls for more heated tension. On that note, I hope the showrunners make it worth the wait.


1) In the world's plethora of teens, where exactly will you categorize Alicia's daughter Grace -- naughty or nice? (She did made out with that guy behind the school yard, for starters.)

2) How do you find Zach's obsession against corruption? Too righteous or just fair?

3) How would you rate this season of The Good Wife from 1-10?

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