The Good Wife Spoilers: Will Josh Charles Exit After Season 5?

The Good Wife Spoilers: Will Josh Charles Exit After Season 5?


There's been buzz going around about The Good Wife's main cast member, Josh Charles who portrays Will Gardner on the legal drama.

Word is, Charles' contract which according to reports is only good for a year. This ensures that Will Gardner will be around atleast throughout the upcoming season 5. However, the brief contract deal stirred up some speculations that his character, who's pivotal to the shows' love triangle arc, will be written out of the series in case he decided not to extend.

Executive Producer Robert King weighed in on this cast shakeup for the legal drama, here's what he told TV Line:

“We can turn on, well, not a dime, but a 50-cent piece,” he says of this season’s roadmap. “We can turn things pretty fast if we need to.” Regarding Charles’ unique contract situation (he’s the only Good Wife-r who did not sign a long-term deal), King explains, “It’s what Josh is about. He’s someone who wants to always explore different sides of himself. And how [Season 5] goes helps him decide what he wants to do. That sounds like there’s some contentiousness in our relationship. There’s not. Josh is one of the friendliest and nicest actors I’ve met. Anything that is contractual stays with the agents.”

Do you want Will Gardner to stay on The Good Wife for more seasons?