The Good Wife Spoilers: Will Cary Launch His Own Firm?

The Good Wife Spoilers: Will Cary Launch His Own Firm?

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Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) has transformed into such a badass on The Good Wife. He's an incarnation of  an exotic snake that crawls the wooden jungle of Lockhart Gardner. He's slick, he thrives and on top of that, he's got Kalinda covering for him. Not bad of an asset, huh Cary?

This season, Cary has been playing against the big guys, aka the equity partners. After being offered partnership and only to be taken aback, the former AUSA has decided to jump ship and he knows it wasn't gonna be a walk in the park. Like all looming convoluted legal drama plots, Cary must do it the sneaky way.

I for one is dying to see the momentous revelation where the crap finally hits the fan in Lockhart Gardner. The mutiny has been brewing for almost too long, bring it to us already showrunners!

Let me share a scoop related to this matter, I learned that Cary's launch on his new firm may be nigh. Get the nits below:

Cary’s move to launch his own firm will take center-ish stage, I hear. In possibly related news, remember the big Alicia story that Julianna Margulies teased was coming in Episode 20? Well, Episode 20 is right around the corner — April 14, to be precise. Might Alicia join her former nemesis out the door? Does Florick/Agos have a certain ring to it? Amy I grasping at straws?

Source: TV Line

What do you think of Cary's attempt to backstab Will and Diane?