The Good Wife Spoilers: Showrunners Talk Season 5 Game Changing Storylines!

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May 8, 2013

The Good Wife - Alicia I'm In

TV Line interviewed The Good Wife creators Michelle and Robert King about the shocking twist on the fourth season finale of the CBS’ legal drama. Their chat also hashed out the storylines coming up for our favorite characters on the show.

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Here are some of the spoilers revealed:

Kalinda will be getting a new love interest.

We still haven’t given up on wanting Jill Flint back. She’s been wonderful with Archie. And there is somebody else on the horizon, too. We probably can’t talk much about it until we get some casting in place.

The love triangle between Peter, Alicia and Will is not over!

It’s our plan that the triangle takes on a new dimension. Love on its own becomes tiresome and repetitive (maybe not in life, but in drama). And hate mixed with love makes a highly combustible combination.

Will there be a time jump at the beginning of season 5?

At the moment, we’re leaning toward almost no jump at all. Too much is interesting about the next few hours, days and weeks. Now that Alicia has committed to the rebels, how does that change her relationship with Cary? How does Alicia change Cary’s already set plans? et cetera.

Robyn’s (Jess Weixler) return in season 5 is still uncertain.

We love Jess Weixler, too, and would love to have her back. It’s definitely our intent to get her back, but so much of what we do is at the mercy of actor’s schedules. We should know more in the next few weeks.

Were you shocked by this season’s finale?