The Good Wife Spoilers: More Odd Flirtations from Cary and Kalinda?

The Good Wife Spoilers: More Odd Flirtations from Cary and Kalinda?

cary-and-kalindaThe showrunners of The Good Wife spoke their minds about the most followed odd couple of the legal drama -- Cary and Kalinda. It's not a secret that the edgy Lockhart Gardner associate and investigator have been quite the players on the flirting department. Although mostly done in a rather peculiar way, the proof of genuine chemistry between Kalinda and Cary is undeniable.

At this point where strong connections have been established between the two and with Kalinda covering up for Cary's traitor butt, can fans finally see them go all the way?

Unfortunately, the answer is not just yet.. Here's why:

As far as Cary/Kalinda, Good Wife exec producer Robert King tells me that their “career and personal [lives] start colliding” in the final two episodes of the season, adding, “Our intent is to go a lot of miles with Kalinda and Cary because they’re such an odd couple. And both Matt [Czuchry] and Archie [Panjabi] are wonderful together.” Regarding the decision to imply rather than show the pair’s romantic rendezvous following their recent bar flirtation, King explains, “You always want to tease out these relationships and not spill your goods. We didn’t intend to do anything other than leave the audience wanting more.”

Source: TV Line

Are you getting impatient with Cary and Kalinda's overdue romance?