The Good Wife Spoilers: Marilyn’s Baby Daddy and Cary’s New Love Interest

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January 3, 2014

Goliath and DavidThe Good Wife‘s awesome 100th episode left viewers with a pretty funny cliffhanger. During the final minutes, Eli spit out his drink after learning that Marilyn will name her baby “Peter”.

The episode also offered some bits from Will and Alicia’s past, a gut-wrenching courtroom drama from the ex-lovers and a side of Kalinda we were hungry to see again after her rather sour storyline with Nick. Yes showrunners, we were pleased to see the L&G PI back on her days of glory again — chasing cars and fornicating with badass law enforcers. So thanks a lot!

When the legal drama resumes on Jan. 5th, here’s what you can expect to unfold following those aformentioned praise-worthy moments:

The first episode back picks up seconds after Eli’s epic spit-take. Peter isn’t really the father of her child, right? As exec producer Robert King recently told TVLine, “Eli’s going to look at the dates and see if it makes sense.” Elsewhere, Cary will get a new love interest (whose name may or may not be Robyn) and Alicia will make a new friend (who will be played by Matthew Goode).

Source: TV Line

  • Ariana

    Cary will have a ROBYN as a new love interests! I’ve been waiting so long for this!!! They’re perfect for each other!