The Good Wife Spoilers: Kalinda's Season 5 Arc Previewed

the good wife kalinda

Kalinda Sharma's (Archie Pajabi) arcs during the last season of The Good Wife fluctuated between annoying and utterly off beat. It obviously sprang from the introduction of her ex-husband Nick, whose storyline couldn't have gotten more worse and batshit crazy.

Can the showrunners re-ignite Kalinnda's old spark going into the fifth season? Read what's ahead for Lockhart Gardner's badass P.I. on this spoiler we've learned:

Kalinda's professional life will be strained when the truth comes out about Alicia and Cary's new venture. "Kalinda feels a little betrayed that she didn't know Alicia was leaving. There's a real tension there about the fact that Kalinda feels a little bit abandoned," executive producer Robert King says. She'll comfort herself in the arms of Juliet Rylance, who comes on to play a new love interest. "What we love is the idea that someone tries to pull Kalinda out of herself in a way," King says. Does that mean Kalinda will be outed?

Source: TV Guide

Watch the clip below for some of Kalinda's super badass moments: