The Good Wife Spoilers: Is Kalinda and Cary Leaving Lockhart Gardner?

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February 14, 2013

A baffling blind-item was caught under our spoilers radar, The Good Wife fans!

The promotion of Alicia as equity partner will backfire inside the firm of Lockhart Gardner. TV Guide filled us in, read the rest of the spoilers below:

Well, that hothead David Lee isn’t going to like it, but look for an aggressive, outspoken Alicia to emerge. In fact, the face-off will be so intense that two of our favorite Lockhart Gardner employees will consider leaving the firm! Another side effect: Alicia and Will’s romantic past rear its ugly head in a most unusual way. (Seriously, you’re not going to believe what you see.)

Ofcourse, by two favorites I’m only assuming that it will be Kalinda and Cary. Who are you betting on this one? Share them below.