The Good Wife Spoilers: “Hitting The Fan” Episode Is Full of Angst & Will Reveal An Alicia 2.0

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October 18, 2013

A Precious CommodityThe proverbial crap is about to hit the fan, The Good Wife fandom.. And it’s happening on the legal drama’s Oct. 27th installment “Hitting the Fan”!

For starters, the final act of Cary and Alicia’s backstabbing stunt against L&G will finally be exposed and God only knows the consequences they must face for betraying their bosses. Or for Alicia’s part, her former flame too.

We have found some spoilers that may entice you more on the highly-anticipated, definitely shocking episode we’re about to experience on The Good Wife yet again. Here they are fresh from TV Line:

It’s amazing. And breakneck-paced. And will basically cause 42 minutes of anxiety. And may lead you to cease breathing for long stretches of time. Aptly titled “Hitting The Fan,” it’s everything you fear it is — which makes it ridiculously compelling. Words are exchanged. Hardball is played. Sex is (quickly) had. Alliances flip-flop. There is dizzying double-crossing. And by hour’s end, Alicia is reborn in an exciting way.

What are your expectations on the upcoming “Hitting the Fan” episode? Weigh-in!