The Good Wife Spoilers: Get Ready for Kalinda's "Exploding" Arc

The Good Wife Spoilers: Get Ready for Kalinda's "Exploding" Arc

kalindaLast week's episode of The Good Wife had put Kalinda Sharma on the edge. And I was just thrilled to see Cary beat her so cunningly with the help of an innocuous bartender.

The hour also offered lots of screen time for Archie Panjabi which actually made me wonder if this means that her storyline on the legal drama will be thickened on the second half. As I had expected, my gut was right.

TV Line spoke with creators Robert and Michelle King where they claim that indeed, the storyline for LG's private investigator will start "exploding" in the second half of 2014.

The site also addressed last week's installment "We the Juries" about the aforementioned Cary/Kalinda scenes, where a romantic spark may have been alluded. Keep reading for the showrunners' thoughts:

Regarding the scene in Sunday’s episode that hinted at a rekindling of a romance between Kalinda and Cary, King said, “It’s a version of the hate that Will and Alica have, especially because they’re at [different] firms now. Can they pursue each other? Can they sleep with each other and make that exist? Is there a Dangerous Liaisons aspect to it? What I liked about it is that Kalinda saw a Cary that had balls and was really attracted to that. So Cary’s going to want to live up to that Kalinda idea of who he is. Cary as a character is sweet, too, but he needs to harden himself.”

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