The Good Wife Spoilers: Florrick-Agos Is Out! What's Next?

The Good Wife Spoilers: Florrick-Agos Is Out! What's Next?

the good wifeHow hot was The Good Wife's episode last Sunday?

Throwing things off the table? Check. A long confrontation between two former lovers/ co-workers? Check. An epic argument in court with two teams of power-maniac lawyers? Double check! (This one's for you, David Lee!)

Indeed, it was one -- probably the best of The Good Wife I've seen. And certainly, things are gonna go way better from here. To keep your interest at its peak, we wanna share a little spoiler you might wanna know. And get this, it's involves TV's hottest rivals this season -- Will and Alicia!

Case in point: Is Will going to find out the real reason why Alicia left Lockhart/Gardner?

Oh, you mean that Alicia still has feelings for Will? Yes — and it will happen soon, according to executive producer Robert King. "Before [Alicia] gets on the elevator, she said it wasn't personal. [Will] said, 'I don't give a damn,'" King tells us. "The question is, even if he does find out, does he give a damn? It's not enough to get the information. [What's] also important [is], how do you act upon it?"

Source: TV Guide