The Good Wife Spoilers: Dylan Baker Previews The Return of Wife Killer, Colin Sweeney

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March 30, 2013

imagesThis Sunday on The Good Wife, Dylan Baker is set to re-appear as Alicia’s eccentric client, Colin Sweeney. got a chance to interview the Emmy-winning actor where he previewed the kerfuffle next in line for Sweeney. Keep reading for the spoilers.

What can you say about Sunday’s new episode?
Mr. Sweeney is back up to his old tricks. It’s an interesting episode because there’s a feature of the law that Cary sort of figures out along the way. It sort of changes my case and slips it in to a whole [different] thing right there in the courtroom. For a while, it looks like I’m paying these lawyers a lot to just sit around and push things down the road. All of the sudden it gets very exciting because of the information that Cary uncovers. It’s a fun episode.

Are there plans for Mr. Sweeney to appear again this season?
There is a possibility that the final show Sweeney might make another power play for something. If any intrigue is going on over there at Lockhart/Gardner, he wants to be in the middle of it.

Watch the official promo for this episode here.