The Good Wife Spoilers: ‘Boom De Ya Da’ Preview — Kalinda and Cary Reconnect!

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January 2, 2013

TV Line previewed the major events to unfold on the midseason return of The Good Wife. Check out what’s abound on season 4 episode 11 titled “Boom De Ya Da”, which airs on Sunday, Jan. 6 on CBS.

With Nick out of the way, Kalinda and Cary will reconnect — as friends and (maybe) lovers. “There’s some unresolved sexual tension there,” notes exec producer Robert King, “so it could go either way.”

Will’s burgeoning romance with Laura (Amanda Peet) will create some awkwardness for Alicia, who will continue to grow closer to Peter — at least sexually speaking. “The question is, ‘Can you have one-night stands with your husband?’” muses King. “She is trying to detach the emotional from the sexual, but can [she] keep doing that?”

Eli, meanwhile, will have his hands full juggling the FBI inquiry and running Peter’s campaign. Complicating matters further will be the arrival of Grey’s Anatomy alum T.R. Knight as Eli’s No. 2, who ends up “competing with Eli for Peter’s affection.”

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