The Good Wife Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Will Finally Confronts His Feelings for Alicia!

The.Good.Wife.S01E19.DVDRip.XviD-SAiNTS 104The Good Wife season 4 finale is airing this Sunday (Apr. 28) and I couldn't bear to wait another day. If you somehow share the same feeling, I bet all you need is just another bit of spoiler!

As earlier scooped on our blowout spoilers, we know that Alicia is finally making a decision between Will and Peter within the finale episode. Also we learned from the episode guide that Zach will discover some sort of election fraud/ vote tampering that will make all the people concerned frantic. Lastly, don't dare miss the proverbial crap that should hit the fan within the Cary's-Attempt-To-Screw-Lockhart-Gardner storyline!

What else do you need for an awesome, politically and legally sexified finale?!

CASE IN POINT: Will Gardner!

Here's another thing you should lock your eyeballs on in the exciting April 28th season-ender! Carry on and spoil away...

Will plays a huge part in the episode, and not just because the Bad Boy of Chicago is locking lips with the Good Wife. When Will, Alicia and Diane try a case of possible election fraud on the eve of the governor's race, Will ultimately ends up with the power to determine the winner. Will he choose the powerful husband of one of his firm's partners? Or will he screw over the guy that kinda stole his girl (twice!)?

For more finale-related snippet, here's an extended promo released by CBS. Hit that play button now!