Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS’ The Good Wife!

Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS’ <em>The Good Wife</em>!


With deepest thanks to Michael Ausiello from TV Line, we'd like to spread these loads and buckets of pre-finale and finale spoilers coming up on your most-wanted TV shows ! ! !

Without further adieu, here are the happenings you shouldn't miss on ---

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PRE-FINALE EPISODE | In the April 21 episode, Alicia faces off in court against an old rival (the returning Mamie Gummer) at the urging of her mother (Stockard Channing).

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APRIL 28 SEASON FINALE | Alicia will finally unglue herself from the fence and make a decision between Peter and Will. “The rollercoaster that has been building reaches a crest,” confirms exec producer Robert King. “At a certain point, even in life, people get sick of the fact that they're in a triangle and something has to blow. And so something blows.” King says you can also expect resolution for Peter's gubernatorial campaign (the election serves as the episode's backdrop) and Cary's bid to start his own firm. “That is [also] something that is going to blow,” he teases. “There is a rebellious spirit there, and he has some troops behind him.” Could one of those troops be… Alicia? King isn't saying, but the finale logline CBS released includes this telltale snippet: “Cary is approached by an unlikely source who offers to help him start his own firm.”

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