The Good Fight Spoilers: Creators tease season 2

The Good Fight Spoilers: Creators tease season 2

Following Sunday's shocking first season finale of The Good Fight, co-creators Robert and Michelle King answered some of our burning questions as well as teased what's to expect in the new episodes. 

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On how soon after the events of the finale will season two pick up:

We're thinking about picking up a minute later.

The Good Wife tended to follow the seasons of the year, so we were always trying to catch up over the summer with real time, but you always knew that if you were December in the Good Wife world, you were December in the real world and vice-versa. Because we're only doing 10 episodes each year, we're not going to stick to that. It's trying to stay consistent, more in a Breaking Bad way. All of Breaking Bad, all the seasons took place over like six months.

On what's next for Colin and Lucca:

Justin Bartha is coming back next year.

We want to see the tensions of that relationship because we very much love their chemistry. I would say Colin will be still at the Department of Justice. His hesitation is he doesn't respect his boss. He thinks his boss is kind of scummy for using his relationship to kind of arm-twist Lucca into giving up a name.


On season 2's theme:

The show reacts to what's going on in the culture.

If Trump is still our president, my guess is one of the things we're going to be pursuing is changes in the law. What do you do when law tends towards chaos? If you want a liberal decision, you can go to a liberal judge or if a conservative lawyer wants a conservative decision, they go to a conservative judge. What happens when there are disagreements between layers of the law? One of the things we're seeing in the culture right now and the zeitgeist is what happens when the institutions we depend on start to crumble. My guess is that will be one of the themes, but something very big could happen in the world between now and the start of our show again.

On Diane and Kurt's future:

We love Gary Cole. We'd use him in every episode if we could.

He works all the time, he's one of the most desired actors, so I think it comes down to a story we always want to pursue. We wanted to see how these two people who are very mature in their lives -- how do they create a mature relationship, especially when they hit a pothole like theirs did. So yes, we want to pursue it, but it all comes down to scheduling.



  • Delroy Lindo, Justin Bartha, Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo are all confirmed to return in season 2. John Cameron Mitchell will also return as Mr. Staples. 


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