The Good Fight Spoilers: Audra McDonald joins season 2

The Good Fight Spoilers: Audra McDonald joins season 2

Audra McDonald (Private Practice) has been cast in a series regular role on The Good Fight season 2, CBS has announced Tuesday.

McDonald will reprise her popular role of Liz Lawrence, the tough United States attorney she played on The Good Wife. 

Now, in The Good Fight, it’s revealed that she is the ex-wife of Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo), and over the course of the season the two will have to deal with many of their unresolved issues.

Here's a statement from co-creators Robert and Michelle King:

We're thrilled that Audra McDonald will return to the fictional Chicago of The Good Fight.

After seeing her facility with both comedy and drama, we were dying for the chance to work with her again. Audra brings intelligence, strength, and wit to Liz Lawrence, the character she developed in the fourth season of ‘The Good Wife.’


The Good Fight returns in 2018 on CBS All Access. 

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Source: CBS