What is The Fosters Really About? Jake T. Austin Talks the New ABC Family Drama, and His Character, Jesus

What is The Fosters Really About? Jake T. Austin Talks the New ABC Family Drama, and His Character, Jesus


"What sets The Fosters aside from most content that’s out there is – in a world that’s seemingly driven by consumership and selling things to you, so to speak, The Fosters just wants to tell an honest story, using very relatable and real people and real story lines. We’re able to convey this message and share in the hardships that the family experiences, the triumphs that they feel at the end of the day, which is really where we see the story going: a story of ups and downs and really telling a tale that hopefully a lot of Americans can relate to. And also international folk."

You might fondly remember Jake T. Austin as Max Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, and now that he has a new series premiering on ABC Family this summer, the network sat down with Jake to talk about his character on the show, Jesus - and to shed a little bit of light on just what the new ABC Family drama is all about.

If you're anything like me, I'm sure you have some questions about the new series. So I've gathered all the scoop from the interview for you guys, letting you sit back, relax, and enjoy some early spoilers about The Fosters right here!

So, what is The Fosters really about?

"I would say The Fosters is a relatable, grounded story about a same-sex couple raising foster children. It’s an hour drama that also features so many other elements.

..."The show picks up where I play a twin who had been through the foster system and [was adopted by the family five years ago]. He’s, along with his sister, living in a new traditional family home. So he’s moved on from the foster home when the series picks up."

What kind of character does Jake T. Austin play on the show?

"I play Jesus Foster, who is the brother to Mariana, they’re a set of twins who have been in and out of the foster system pretty much since birth. They’ve embraced the idea of welcoming new foster children into their home and they live under the same roof as a same-sex couple in San Diego. The show picks up in a time when Jesus is coming into his own as a man and also assuming a paternal role for his sister."

What is Jesus' relationship like with his twin sister, Mariana? (Played by Secret Life's Cierra Ramirez).

"Jesus assumes a paternal role over Mariana’s character. Both Jesus and Mariana have been in and out of the foster system since birth, they’re reluctant to welcome any new faces or any new members of the family into their home, at first, but ultimately find serenity and they find happiness in their new family. Through their misadventures and through their mistrials, they are able to build a closer bond as they enter that next phase into their lives, which is adulthood, which is where the series picks up."

But Jesus and Mariana don't exactly feel the same way about their biological mom, how does Jesus feel about the idea of meeting her?

"I think Jesus’ apprehension to meeting his biological mother deals with his distrust of the foster system as well as a lot of skeletons that he’s unable to release in his closet. Hopefully, as the show grows and as the character develops, audiences will be able to see that back story with Jesus. Hopefully we’re able to learn more about where they came from and how he deals with moving forward."

Will you be watching The Fosters this summer on ABC Family?

Source: ABC Family