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The Fosters Spoilers: EP previews summer finale 'Prom'

The Fosters Spoilers: EP previews summer finale 'Prom'

The Fosters boss Joanna Johnson has previewed what to expect from Tuesday's summer finale titled "Prom" in an interview with TV Line.

Get the spoilers: 

This prom is a prom that wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s kind of a rebel prom, which the kids decided to put on themselves after it was cancelled by Drew. It’s being done in the derby warehouse, so it involves the melding of those worlds. We have unique characters on our show and unique couples. That differentiates it in some ways.


When asked whether there'll be unexpected surprises, the EP commented: 

Jesus is going stag to prom. Poppy is coming along to prom with Mariana, who’s kind of going by herself to prom. Unfortunately, her dates are Logan and his girlfriend Olivia… [Mariana] is interested in Logan, but she certainly doesn’t want Olivia to know it. So she’s going to do her best at prom to get Olivia off the scent of what she’s really up to with Logan. As usual with Mariana, it’s not well thought out and ends in somewhat of a disaster.

Poppy flirted with Jesus at the derby fundraiser party. She certainly wouldn’t mind hooking up with him. Callie’s going to go with Aaron, but there’s a chance that they could run into AJ and his girlfriend, and that’s never a comfortable situation.


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Source: TV Line