The Fosters Season 2 Spoilers: Brandon Shifts Gears, and Is There Something Going On Between Him and Dani?

The Fosters Season 2 Spoilers: Brandon Shifts Gears, and Is There Something Going On Between Him and Dani?

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/ UPDATE: Zap2It and The Hollywood Reporter confirms that season 2 will be something of a "restart" for Brandon, and he'll be settling back into his music and staying active. (But how will this play into his new kind of relationship with Callie, as his adopted sister?)

In an interview with TVLine, David Lambert - who plays Brandon on The Fosters - admits that Brandon's tumultuous time toward the end of season 1 will start to take a turn for the better after he's had some time to think.

[Brandon] is feeling the effects of all these poor choices he’s making with the fake ID stuff, and now the truth comes out about him giving money to Ana. It’s a brutal time for Brandon everywhere you turn. It didn’t go well with Callie. It’s not going to go well with his parents. He’s having to face the facts, and it won’t be a nice time for Brandon. In the finale, we’re going to see an extension of that. We’re going to see a little bit more of Vico and Brandon. Overall, it’s all the things that Brandon’s been doing throughout the season all culminating and the way it affects him. It’s a very interesting growth period for him. Going into Season 2, he’s going to mull a few things and probably shift gears a little bit.

David also admitted that there could be something potentially inappropriate going on between Brandon and wannabe step-mom, Dani (oh good, so it isn't just us).

TVLINE | I’m getting a very borderline inappropriate vibe from Brandon and Dani. Am I reading too much into that? Is there something going on there?
No, I don’t think you’re reading too much into it. It’s a very odd relationship between them. I, personally, think Brandon feels indebted to her a little bit because she’s gotten him out of tight spots and has been this odd ear for him, in a way. She’s this female figure, but she’s not one of his moms and she’s not Callie. So who is this other kind of person that he can talk to? He feels that and he knows it’s something new. That’s a little intriguing to him. It maybe makes it easier for him to open up to her. … Her connection with Brandon is somewhere in between maternal, but then she almost enjoys the attention that she gets from him. It’s a very interesting relationship, and those scenes are always very interesting to film with Marla [Sokoloff], who plays Dani. I really enjoy them. It’s going to get interesting. There’ll be more of that in the finale, as well.

How exactly do you think Brandon's going to shift gears going into next season, and what will Mike say about what's been going on with Dani, now that he and Stef have learned the truth about Brandon's behavior this past season?