The Fosters Season 2 Spoiler: Callie Throws a Party

The Fosters Season 2 Spoiler: Callie Throws a Party

/ UPDATE 6/17/14: It appears that the party in question will happen during season 2 episode 3, "Play" (airing Monday, June 30) - but is it really all Callie's idea? /

/ UPDATE: Yep! Looks like it will definitely be season 2 when Callie decides to throw a party. But will it be at the Fosters' house? (Or could this be why Callie might get some other temporary living arrangements?) /

With the last couple episodes of The Fosters this season being dedicated to the Winter Ball and Callie and Jude's adoption, can we assume that this spoiler from E! Online is for next season?

When Stef and Elena Lena away, the kids will play. Well, more like Callie will play as she decides to throw a big party when the couple goes out of town for a relaxing weekend. As all teen movies and shows have taught us, this will not end well.

I guess we can tell where E! Online's TV brain is, can't we? ;)

How do you think Callie's party-throwing escapade will end, and it will it involve Brandon? (And will it be prior to, or after her adoption in the season one finale?)