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The Fosters

Season 5 Episode 9


Air Date: 09/05/2017

In the summer finale, it’s prom night at Anchor Beach....

Season 5 Episode 8


Air Date: 08/29/2017

Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed....

Season 5 Episode 7

Chasing Waterfalls

Air Date: 08/22/2017

Lena’s parents are back in town for a visit, while Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before....

Season 5 Episode 6

Welcome to the Jungler

Air Date: 08/15/2017

Callie is torn with turning over a new leaf or supporting a cause that means a lot to her...

Season 5 Episode 5


Air Date: 08/08/2017

The Fosters kids attend a party at the Derby warehouse, but things escalate quickly when the cops show up....

Season 5 Episode 4

Too Fast, Too Furious

Air Date: 08/01/2017

Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level....

Season 5 Episode 3


Air Date: 07/25/2017

Callie and Aaron go on their first official date....

Season 5 Episode 2

Exterminate Her

Air Date: 07/18/2017

Callie gets control of her life and applied to audit art classes at a local college....

Season 5 Episode 1


Air Date: 07/11/2017

The fifth season picks up immediately from the dramatic cliffhanger finale...

Season 4 Episode 20

Until Tomorrow

Air Date: 04/11/2017

Callie has 24 hours to decide if she should take a three-year plea deal....

Season 4 Episode 19

Who Knows

Air Date: 04/04/2017

Everyone seems to be hiding something, but the secrets come spilling out....

Season 4 Episode 18

Dirty Laundry

Air Date: 03/28/2017

Lena is at her wit’s end when everyone comes to her to handle all their crises and Stef is never around to help....

Season 4 Episode 17

Diamond in the Rough

Air Date: 03/21/2017

Stef starts a new assignment in human trafficking where she meets a young girl turning tricks on the streets....

Season 4 Episode 16

The Long Haul

Air Date: 03/14/2017

Stef’s mom, Sharon, and her boyfriend, Will, return to the Adams Foster home with some exciting news....

Season 4 Episode 15

Sex Ed

Air Date: 02/28/2017

Emma turns to Brandon for support while Jude heads down a dangerous path....

Season 4 Episode 14

Doors and Windows

Air Date: 02/21/2017

Stef is frustrated with the kids for keeping endless secrets and decides that everything needs to be out in the open....

Season 4 Episode 13

Cruel and Unusual

Air Date: 02/14/2017

Things go from bad to worse for Callie when she turns down a guard’s offer to “party."...

Season 4 Episode 12

Dream a Little Dream

Air Date: 02/07/2017

While in the hospital, Jesus dreams of a nightmare world where he tries to save Mariana....

Season 4 Episode 11

Insult To Injury

Air Date: 01/31/2017

Jesus is seriously injured and rushed to the hospital....

Season 4 Episode 10

Collateral Damage

Air Date: 08/29/2016

Mariana continues to push herself to the point of exhaustion while Callie’s efforts to help others bring conflict and danger...

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