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The Fosters Episode 9 "Vigil" Spoiler: Is Stef the One Who Got Shot?

The Fosters Episode 9 "Vigil" Spoiler: Is Stef the One Who Got Shot?


This week's new episode of The Fosters, "Clean" gave us one heck of a cliffhanger with Stef and Mike going into Ana's house to retrieve Jesus - resulting in somebody (off-screen of course) getting shot.

While that end scene may have made it look like it could be Jesus, we have some clues to go by since Monday that may be leaning slightly more toward Stef:

  • Brandon is Pissed. In the promo for next week's episode, "Vigil", Brandon may be tapping into that "pain" sooner than he thinks because he is none too happy here. Chewing out Mariana may seem like a normal reaction when anybody in your family gets shot - but keeping in mind that Stef is Brandon's mother, it could explain why he's so upset.
  • Stef Away from Work? In the guide for the summer finale episode, "I Do", there's a mention of Stef needing to be "cleared" before she can go back to work. Strange that Stef would be absent from the line of duty - unless of course she needed time to recuperate from being shot. (Plus, could her ordeal be what leads up to her and Lena possibly getting married that episode?)

If Stef IS the one who gets shot, the good news of course is that she's okay in the end. What do you guys think - and are you as eager as I am for next Monday??